Men's T-Shirt - Meaning of Bhagawan

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Cool and trendy inspirational T-Shirts for men with Sanskrit graphic prints.

Design:  भगः अस्य अस्ति इति भगवान् [bhagaḥ asya asti iti bhagavān] - one who has bhaga is called bhagavan.

Sleeve: Half Sleeve

Material: 100% Cotton Single Jersey


ऐश्वर्यस्य समग्रस्य वीर्यस्य यशसः श्रियः।

ज्ञान-वैराग्ययोश्चैव षण्णां भग इतीरणा॥

The 6 Bhagas are: all knowledge, jnana; total dispassion, vairagya; the capacity to create, sustain, and resolve, virya; absolute fame, yasas; all wealth, sri; and overlordship, aisvarya.

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